Daily Bulletin

Frank H. Harrison Middle School Bulletin for Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Poem Booth The Poem Booth Announces a Small Poetry Competition: Just as poet Wes McNair wrote a Song for the Unsung for the Inauguration of our new governor, Janet T. Mills, YOU are invited to write a poem for something or someone who is unsung. What does it mean to be Unsung? You are deserving of praise, but not that noticed. Your topic could be anything or anyone - a doorbell, an uncle, a manila folder… Your poetic form can be any kind, from free verse to acrostic to haiku to, well, YOUR poem will tell you! Submit the poems to Ms. Agell, or to the Poem Booth. Please include your name somewhere, even if you want to be anonymous when we celebrate the winners. There will be winners in various categories. Prizes (of the lowly variety)! Honor (of the highest order)! Stop by and read the poem in the Poem Booth. Then … submit your own. Deadline: January 31st

Happy Birthday to Justin Silver!

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