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Frank H. Harrison Middle School Bulletin for Wednesday, September 19, 2018

5th & 6th grade Math Team The 5th & 6th grade Math Team will meet on Thursdays from 2:50-4:15pm in Mrs. Bartlett's room (Room 109) beginning on September 20th. For questions, see Mr. Gross in room 104 or email him at: Bob_Gross@yarmouthschools.org

Student Leadership Student Leadership Team will have their first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20, in the middle school library from 7:20 - 7:55. All grades are welcome.

Birding Club Interested in birds? Join us at the first meeting of the HMS Birding Club on Wednesday, Sept. 19th, from 2:45-3:30 in the HMS Library.

Library closed after school 9/19 Because of Birding Club, the HMS Library will not be open after school on Wednesday, Sept. 19th.

Robotics Club Attention 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders: Robotics Club starts on Thursday, September 20th! Please note the new meeting place: This year, we'll be meeting in the STEAM Lab (Computer side) on Thursdays from 2:45-4:15. See Mr. Harrington in rm.112 with any questions.

7/8 Math Team - 7/8 Math Team starts on Monday, September 24th! Come join Mr. Rice in room 202. The team will meet Monday mornings, 7:15-7:55. See Mr. Rice in rm. 202 or Mr. Harrington in rm. 112 with any questions.

The Poem Booth This week, the poem booth flies to the heavens, summons you with a horn, explains Wednesday, and finds a moon rock. Thanks to Haley Doan, Hadley Dillon, Katrina Norden, and Maya Faulstich.

New Fence on the Playground Rules For all students: You will notice the fence surrounding the playground area located outside of the gym and STEAM lab. If a ball goes over the fence and into the road (on McCartney Street), you need to ask a staff member's permission to retrieve it to make sure you can do so safely. You may not go over the fence to retrieve the ball. If a ball rolls into the small area on the other side of the playground, you can retrieve the ball and bring it back into the main area of the playground. Thank you for your help with this and please let Ms. Adler or Mr. McDowell know if you have any questions!

Civil Rights Team Are you interested in thinking and talking about religion, gender, disabilities, race, national origin and sexual orientation? If so, The HMS Civil Rights Team is looking students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 to join their team! The first meeting will be Thursday, 9/27, from 2:45 -3:15 in Room 104 (Ms. Agell's room). See Ms. Mike or Ms. Agell if you have questions.

MSSM visit- new time A representative from Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM) will be visiting HMS on Wednesday, 9/19, from 2:00-2:30pm . Students who are interested in learning more about MSSM should see Mr. Gross or Ms. Mike.

Dress Code Our student dress code reflects the importance of keeping the focus on teaching and learning during the school day. In order to achieve this goal: -All students will wear clothing that covers the chest, midriff, and behind. -Clothing will not promote/contain controversial slogans or advertising. For example, clothing with ads for alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sexual connotations, and weapons may not be worn in school. -Student dress will not include hats, hoods, bandanas, or sunglasses. -Students will wear shoes in school; closed-toed shoes are required for STEAM class for safety reasons. Thanks for your attention to the dress code. Please let Mr. McDowell or Ms. Adler know if you have any questions.

Otto's fundraiser OTTO Pizza in Yarmouth is holding a fundraiser for the Yarmouth Field Hockey Boosters on Tuesday, September 25th between 5 and 9 PM. A percentage of each purchase at OTTO Pizza will go to the Yarmouth Field Hockey Boosters to support the field hockey program. Get OTTO's for dinner on Tuesday the 25th!

Mindfulness Club meets today! Mindfulness will meet after school in Ms. Parr's room!

Happy Birthday to Hans Jerosch and Charlie Seavey!

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